Abdi Guliye: Glorifying politicians promotes half-witted leaders

8 months ago 127

IEBC commissioner Abdi Guliye on Thursday condemned the glorification of politicians saying it encourages academic dwarfs to seek elective seats.   

Guliye said the glory that comes with holding a political post has led  everyone to want to be a politician, even those with limited intellectual capacities. 

"We live in a country where election is a do or die. And that is where the problem is. We have glorified politicians to the extend that everybody wants to be a politician," he said.

Guliyo added that many legislators have not had university education  but they are the same leaders making impractical demands on the electoral process. 

"Sometimes when we clear a candidate, they are at the bottom ladder of their IQ levels if you look at their certificates. Those who have gone to university have passes and second class lower, the calibre of those people are always noisemakers," Guliye said.

The commissioner urged Kenyans to be vigilant and avoid being manipulated by such politicians who pry on hyping the masses for support.

"Kenyans have become so simple-minded to the extend that politicians have learnt how to play with their psyche so that they can keep them around," he said.

Guliye said even when the politicians lose, they blame IEBC to avoid being branded losers.

The commissioner warned against such behaviors, urging Kenyans to change their mindset on politics.

"We need to think about these issues. We need to make politics to be issue-based so that we move away from this simplistic manipulation of people," he said.

Source : The Star