Azimio Supporters Run Away With Police Roadblock on Kisumu State Lodge Road

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  • A section of Azimio la Umoja supporters on Friday, March 10, ran away with roadblocks that were erected by police along the State Lodge Road in Milimani Estate, Kisumu County.

    The supporters were filmed approaching the police who were stationed at the roadblock as they chanted 'Ruto must go'.

    Consequently, the police got into formation as the supporters pushed their way forward trying to access the road leading to the official residence of the President. 

    In the midst of the push and shove, a section of the supporters picked one of the two yellow spiked barriers and ran away with it.

    An image of police officers on a roadblock leading to State House, Nairobi.

    An image of police officers on a roadblock leading to State House, Nairobi.


    A police officer was also seen attempting to recover the barrier. However, he was overpowered by the group.

    Other officers opted to remain at the key junction leading to the State Lodge to prevent the charging crowd from crossing over.

    The supporters that remained on the road leading to Milimani Estate continued to lament over the high cost of living with a number of them carrying plates and placards. 

    Notably, there were no running battles and no teargas was used in the incident.

    Some of the supporters also stated that they were protesting in peace and knelt down during the demos.

    The group had started their demonstrations from Kondele and made their way to the State Lodge road through the Central Business District(CBD).

    The incident barely came a day after former Prime Minister Raila Odinga announced mass action against the government over the high cost of living. Raila had indicated that the protest would begin on March 20.

    In anticipation of the protests, security around the State lodge was beefed up on Tuesday, March 7, including the Kisumu branch.

    Raila Odinga

    Opposition leader Raila Odinga during the launching of multi-pronged strategies on Thursday, March 9, 2023.


Source : Kenyans.co.ke