Dealer Behind Trending New Ksh 45M Lexus on Sale in Kenya Speaks

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  • The new luxurious Lexus 500d 2022 is the latest big machine to hit the country with a mouthwatering selling price of Ksh45 million. Its pictures have set social media ablaze with many amazed at its attractive design and features.

    Lexus is one of the premier, luxurious car brands in the world and produces high-end Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and sedans.

    Kenyans.co.ke spoke with Daniel Njuguna, a car sales agent to get more details about the brand-new car.

    Lexus LX 500d interior in Kenya, 2023.

    Lexus LX 500d interior in Kenya, 2023.

    Daniel Njuguna

    Featuring a Tazuna cockpit, the behemoth is meant to dominate tarmac roads and command rough roads. Tazuna is the Japanese word for the reins of a horse.

    Lexus vehicles have used this concept to depict the relationship of perfect control a master horse rider has with his horse.

    It has a 3.3 litre diesel engine, four-wheel drive with anti-lock braking systems (ABS), and driveline traction control. It also has 7 leather seats with spacious legroom.

    In a first for the Lexus brand, one can fold the second and third-row seats for maximum cargo space with the touch of a button

    The luxury car is designed with a keyless ignition and automatic gear transmission and a twin-turbo V6 engine powers the vehicle. The car also has a height control that can automatically adjust the height for extra ground clearance.

    Lexus 500d 2022 also has an intuitive parking assist that detects obstacles with a buzzer in the cockpit and shows the position of the obstacle to help the driver park well in those tight parking spots.

    The car is made to convey elegance, and sophistry in motion. It is a powerful and responsive vehicle and has front and back cameras to help with moving, especially when it is dark and there’s bad weather.

    The multi-million car was made with the driver and passengers in mind which is why the instruments and controls are made to achieve maximum comfort for them.

    The Lexus 500d has a new shape, a greatly improved version of the LX series and was made to set tongues wagging wherever it goes.

    Arguably one of the most popular, Lexus cars in Kenya is the LX 570. It was the car of choice that President Ruto used during his nationwide campaign in the run-up to the August 2002 General Election.

    William Ruto's Lexus LX 570 KCU 192H

    William Ruto's Lexus LX 570 KCU 192H


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