High School Students Beat Up Their Parents During School Raid

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  • Students from Otok Mixed Secondary School in Homa Bay County on Friday, March 10, engaged their parents in running battles after the latter stormed the school during class time.

    According to the principal Jacton Owuor, the parents had stormed the school to demand his transfer.

    The parents forcefully accessed the administration block and demanded that the old principal be brought back to the institution.

    However, they became unruly and attacked the deputy principal prompting the students to leave class to chase them away.

    Otok Mixed Secondary School principal Jacton Owuor speaking to the media on March 10, 2023.

    Otok Mixed Secondary School principal Jacton Owuor speaking to the media on March 10, 2023.



    Owuor noted that the students were enranged by the demands of the parents, further forcing the police to intervene in the matter.

    "Some of the villagers stormed the compound. They were about 10 of them and they were uttering obscene words that I could not also understand. Fracas ensued and the students ordered them to leave the compound.

    "However, some of them refused to leave and the students started hurling them with stones," the principal stated.

    After tensions subsided, the deputy principal was taken to a nearby hospital and was reported to be in a stable condition.

    The parents at the scene were also arrested and taken to the police station for questioning.

    On their part, the students maintained that they could not understand the demands being made by the parents given that he had made many numerous reforms in the school.

    The students expressed that they would improve in the national examination given the changes the new principal had introduced.

    "Since the principal came in, we have had good results and I am very happy with this school. We shall not tolerate these acts," one of the student representatives stated.

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