I haven't said I will boycott Presidential debate - Ruto

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UDA leader William Ruto on Thursday softened his stand on not attending the Presidential debate scheduled for July 26.

The DP in an interview with KTN News disowned an earlier stance that had indicated he wont attend the debate saying he only appealed to the media is to give both candidates an equal chance.

"I have not said I will not show up. But for heaven sake is it too much to ask the media to be balanced? I thought every media pride itself in being fair and objective," he said

He added:

"We will make a decision at the opportune moment. We will make the right decision," he said.

A statement by the DP's Head of Presidential campaign communications  Hussein Mohamed in June indicated that they had advised Ruto to miss the debate citing biased coverage.

Ruto in the interview with the local TV urged the media to be sensitive to the fact that Kenyans are smart enough to see that some candidates are being denied fair airtime.

Ruto cited a report by the Media Council of Kenya to back up his claim that his opponents are covered more compared to him.

However, Head of the presidential debate secretariat Clifford Machoka has on several occasions assured all players that the exercise will be fair and transparent.

In a statement last week, Machoka reiterated the secretariat's commitment to delivering transparent and accountable debate.

"Under the rules of the presidential debates, the moderators will select the questions to be asked, and shall not share the same with the candidates. They will NOT meet with any of the campaign teams or candidates and the candidates," he said.

Source : The Star