Kindiki Explains Why Cops Acted Quickly at Raila Company, Delayed at Northlands

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  • Interior CS Kithure Kindiki on Wednesday, March 29, noted that protests orchestrated by Azimio la Umoja curtailed the efforts by the police officers to prevent the raid at former President Uhuru Kenyatta's Northlands property. 

    In a statement, Kindiki affirmed that police officers swiftly acted at former Prime Minister Raila Odinga's East Africa Spectre company where a gang had attempted to raid the premises.

    "A smaller gang attempted to storm a business in the Industrial Area of Nairobi which is associated with a former Prime Minister of Kenya, who is the principal leader of the current protests.

    "While the quick action of the police and private security guards repulsed the Industrial Area criminals, action to protect the Ruiru property was not as quick owing to operational constraints caused by the protests that were taking place," explained the CS

    Kindiki further noted that from the two protests held on Monday, May 20, and May 27, the National Police Service (NPS) deemed the demonstrations to pose a clear, present and imminent danger of a breach of the peace and public order. 

    "The unfolding situation portends grave danger to the rule of law and the stability of our country. The violence, looting, destruction of public amenities, disruption of daily activities and invasion of private property portend real and imminent danger of our country sliding into irretrievable anarchy. These criminal acts must cease," the statement read in part. 

    While reading the riot act, Kindiki directed that no more violent protests would be allowed in the country, whether accompanied by notice or not, in a bid to secure and safeguard the properties of all Kenyans. 

    He added that more security officers would be deployed on all streets, estates and neighbourhoods in Nairobi, Kisumu and other areas where violent protests may erupt. 

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Source : Kenyans.co.ke