Roy Moore Loses Appeal in $95 Million Defamation Lawsuit Against Sacha Baron Cohen

8 months ago 119

Roy Moore just got his ass laughed out of another court in his legal war against Sacha Baron Cohen ... losing the appeal in his $95 million defamation suit.

According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, a federal appeals court in New York affirmed the ruling from the lower court, which threw out the defamation case because Roy signed a release when he filmed the segment with Cohen.

Remember, Sacha interviewed Roy on his Showtime series "Who Is America?" back in 2018 ... disguising himself as an ex-Israeli intelligence officer and waving a wand his character claimed could detect enzymes secreted by pedophiles.

The wand went nuts when Sacha's character scanned Roy, who was coming off a failed run for U.S. Senate after multiple allegations of him getting flirty with minors back in the day.

As we reported ... Roy, who denied the allegations, sued Sacha in September 2018 after the episode aired on national TV, claiming the comedian portrayed him as a pedophile and arguing SBC's prank amounted to defamation.

Roy's $95 million suit was originally dismissed last July, so Moore appealed ... but he couldn't change the result.

In the appeals court ruling, the judges agreed with the lower court about the release and, as for his wife Kayla's claims, the judges agreed with the lower court that no reasonable viewer could conclude the segment was not comedy.

Source : TMZ