Ruto: Couples will pay for NHIF as family, not separately

8 months ago 114

UDA presidential candidate William Ruto has said his government will tailor the payment of NHIF premiums to households in scenarios where a husband and wife are both working.

The DP said the measure is part of his plan to save poor families from paying too much compared to those earning huge figures in salaries.

"If both a wife and the husband are working, today, they pay double. So we have said that we are going to zero it around households so that every household pays once," he said.

The DP pledged that if wins the presidency, his government will ensure families that are struggling to raise their premiums pay at least Sh300 instead of Sh500.

He said this will enable more people to afford the NHIF cover and in turn enable them to foot their medical expenses.

"The highest, like Willaim Ruto, I pay Sh1,700. We will review that so that those earning a higher salary pay Sh3,000,  which is not by much," he added.

The Deputy President said with the reviews, they will be able to raise enough funds to enable them to buy enough medicine and pay health workers and community workers.

He added that his administration will set up a fund to deal with diseases like cancer.

"We have said we are going to set up a fund just to deal with those problematic conditions that actually consume a lot of money. And we have isolated them that it will use about Sh100 billion which will be funded by government and the insurance companies."

Ruto assured Kenyans that his government will deliver cheaper health care compared to what NHIF does now.

"I want to tell every citizen for the first time we have figured it out properly. And it is not the rates that are being proposed by the new schedule by NHIF," he said adding the rates are punitive.

Source : The Star