Ruto: I was locked out of security council meeting 3 years ago

8 months ago 125

UDA presidential candidate William Ruto on Thursday said he was excluded from attending the National Security Council meeting three years ago. 

Ruto made the revelations while explaining his take on the ongoing extra-judicial killings in the country.

At the same time, the DP also revealed that the Director of the National Intelligence Service no longer picks up his calls.

This, he said, has made him unable to play a key role in ensuring an end to extra-judicial killings in the country as well as the runaway insecurity in some parts of the country.

"These are issues (insecurity) I have raised with the Director of  National Intelligence Service when he could still pick up my phone. I had serious concerns about what has happened in many parts of our country," he said.

The Deputy President reiterated that he used to ask tough questions when attending the National security council meeting about schemes of murder.

He said he was committed to actions that could pacify the country but the state locked him out of the key security meeting,

"It is something that has troubled me a lot. And that is why we have put it in the Kenya Kwanza manifesto, that extra-judicial killing must come to an end, it is illegal, unconstitutional and offends every principle of the right to life," he added.

He reiterated the remarks he made in a campaign rally in Moyale that he will ensure an end to extra-judicial killings.

Ruto pointed out the court proceedings are the only sure way to avoid killing innocent people.

"It is the only way we stop killing people because in this crowd of extra-judicial killing, you will end up with many innocent people being shot and labelled as terrorists".

"So my position is very clear, that whatever the issue, we must continuously refine our criminal justice system to make sure that until we are sure this is a declared criminal, everybody has been notified and if, in the process of trying to apprehend such person, the police feel they are in danger, that is the only time maybe the police can sue live fire," he added.

Source : The Star