Amber Ray issues cautionary words about the 'soft life'

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amber ray courtesy instagram
amber ray courtesy instagram

Amber the Brand has fired up a storm on her social media with words of caution to people living a fake life online.

The mother of two shared her opinion eliciting mixed reactions from her followers who took it to mean Amber was hitting out at Vera.

Ambers's opinion was that authenticity is essential for building a lasting, successful brand.

"Faking it up in Nairobi has made authenticity harder to express. Either way, we live our life, because at the end of the day soft life to be felt not necessarily to be seen. So live your life and remember when you tell a lie, watch out for when you might start believing it😉 #amberthebrand📸 @muma_pix."

Amber lives the soft life and she constantly declares about this era in her life by doing monthly facial maintenance, massages, plus spa dates with her bae as bibi ya tajiri.

She is also well aware that Kenyans can't help talking about her. She challenged netizens to keep talking. Perhaps as a reaction to always being compared to others.

"Najua mnanidiscussingi it’s allowed 🤣 mkipata swali challenging feel free to ask😜 #amberthebrand," she shared her thoughts.

In the past, Amber and Vera have been feuding for a while and things got out of hand earlier when they were both pregnant with their respective second children.

They went at each other during their gender reveal parties, with each accusing the other of copying themes and styles.

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Source : Mpasho Kenya