Miss Trudy's desperate question sparks pregnancy speculation

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Miss Trudy is enjoying time in Ghana with her husband and his family. She updated Saturday, August 19 that she flew to his country for some street food that she has read raving reviews about. Besides that, she also wanted something else she couldn't find.

While there, she shared her love for some delicacies she has discovered in the West African country.

Now that craving has prompted her to seek help from social media as she cannot find it in stock and is desperate to have it.

"Guys so my sister-in-law came over and I'm asking her about this really tasty chocolate that I ate once in Ghana and then it vanished."


"Like I'm not it was soo good, it had like eight assorted types of chocolate inside, but then I loved four of them. It was like three types of white chocolate and another sweet brown one, not the one that tastes like coffee. and another one I'm asking where can I find this thing?"

She incessantly asked netizens to help her get some leading to speculation that those were cravings of a pregnant woman.

"So I just need to hope that I will get it. Yani this chocolate is hmmm...this chocolate is so tasty and it's out of stock and it's not like it's being imported to Ghana it's so good."

She proceeds to beg netizens to find it, "So please if you know someone who works for that company here in Ghana please send me the information, or send me the but I need that chocolate, it's been six months, I can't take this anymore," she desperately pleads for help.

"I need that chocolate, you don't understand

She laughed endlessly about the suggestion as she shared comments from netizens insisting she is hiding a pregnancy.

Many of her fans responded by telling her that the craving could be pregnancy related. One fan said, "This is not our Trudy talking must be our niece/nephew."

Another said, "Ama ni cravings za ball."

She laughed sharing more crazy suggestions, "What are these cravings for Trudy, husilieee?"

Another added, "Tell us the truth about I," as Miss Trudy quickly pointed the camera at her dera, though we could not tell.

Miss Trudy is married to a Ghanaian Wode Maya. They tied the knot in September 2022. The couple are YouTubers who travel together sharing their experiences.

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