NEWS IN: Army Commander Lt Gen Njiru Forced to Act Swiftly after What Happened at State House Event

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Commander of Kenya Army Liutenant General Peter Mbogo Njiru was forced to act swiftly after what happened at the Statehouse event which is currently going on.

The army commander who was closely following Indonesian President Joko Widodo from behind as the visiting heads of state was inspecting a guard of honour at the Statehouse was forced to rush to redirect Joko Widodo who had lost direction on the path he had been predetermined to follow during the military guard of honour inspection.

After rushing to the president, he saluted him and told him to change his direction and by which Joko Widodo made a u-turn and followed the path he was being directed to.

Joko Widodo stood as army officer performed some ceremonial moves with his sword.

You can watch the video in the link below; watch from 1:50 minutes in the video;

President William Ruto is hosting the visiting head of state at the Statehouse where they are also set to hold a joint press release on the bilateral relations between Indonesia and Kenya.

Photo Courtesy; Army Commander Lt Gen Njiru in a past action. Only used for illustration purposes.

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