Pastor Victor Githu's worrying update about suffering cardiac episode

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victor githu in minnesota
victor githu in minnesota

Kenya's youngest pastor Victor Githu is admitted to a US hospital after suffering a cardiac episode.

The young man on the 10th of Feb on his social media testified how he was in a severe episode and needed prayers from Kenyans.

"I need immediate prayers during school today after lunch I had a chest issue it escalated and I'm currently at the ER please pray for me I'm scared and have had 3 emergencies guys"

His first message to announce his condition has seen his fans wish him a quick recovery.

"Yall I got a testimony today I had a cardiac episode out of nowhere but guess what, your boy fought and now he is okay the devil really thought he ate but man I sat there the machine beeping and wires everywhere in my body thinking like is this but guys I'm ok I'm strong my enemies didn't win, not again"

He added a picture of his hospital bed acknowledging how strong his faith and belief in healing is

"I will not forget sitting there calling nurses my temperature dropping and heart rate rising but still fought"

He continued.

"Always be happy because you belong to the Lord. I will say that again. Be happy 'Be kind and patient in a I will not forget sitting there calling nurses my temperature dropping and heart rate rising but still fought"way that everyone can see. Remember that the Lord is near. Do not worry about anything instead pray to God about everything. Ask him to help you with the things that you need. And thank him for his help. If you do that God will give you peace in your mind." "That peace is so great that nobody can completely understand it. You will not worry or be afraid. You will not worry or be afraid because you belong to Christ Jesus."

An update provided Monday, Feb 12 indicates he has not improved.

"Hi everyone keep on praying for Victor as of yesterday he kept on getting worse let all pray that he will be ok and thank you so much for the prayers, thoughts, and support" the worrying message read.

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Source : Mpasho Kenya