Radio Africa Editor Paul Ilado pens beautiful message to Caroline Mutoko

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Paul Ilado with Caroline Mutoko
Image: Facebook

A couple of weeks ago, Radio Africa bid a hearty goodbye to Caroline Mutoko who left the Westlands-based media house after 23 years.

RAL Group Head of Content, Paul Ilado has now hailed Caroline as hardworking in a Facebook note to her.

"It's taken me days to write this to you. I would have sent you alone but I decided to post it here. I believe I speak for many. You have transitioned into new ventures but I want to pay tribute to you for the good work."

He added his admiration for her ethic, recalling their first encounter

"It's hard to believe that it has been 23 years since we first crossed paths at Lion Place, when I walked in as an intern full of excitement and nervousness. You warmly welcomed me into the world of radio, leaving a lasting impression on my journey.

I fondly recall those significant moments we shared during the 2002 elections. It was an exhilarating time, and being able to file news reports during your show was a privilege. Your guidance and support helped shape my skills and confidence as a journalist. Your dedication to delivering accurate and insightful information to your listeners was truly commendable."

A farewell party was held two weeks ago where the Group CEO Patrick Quarcoo and Group COO, Martin Khafafa also lavished praise on her.

Ilado recalled how pivotal she was during the elections

"However, the true measure of your character shone through during the difficult 2007 election and the subsequent post-election violence. As tensions escalated, and the situation took a perilous turn, we found ourselves seeking refuge in the office, together with others. Your resilience, leadership, and calming presence offered solace during those challenging times. Your passion for your country was clear. It is a testament to your unwavering spirit that you navigated those circumstances with grace and strength."

He added;

"Caroline, it is with mixed emotions that we bid farewell to you at Radio Africa. The stations and Kenya, as a whole, are undoubtedly poorer without your presence. Your charm, authority, and brilliant on-air personality will be sorely missed. You have been a beacon of inspiration, not only for aspiring broadcasters but for all those who have had the privilege of knowing you. Your leadership has left an indelible mark, and your dedication to your craft has been unwavering."

Caroline on her part has not indicated her next move, and Illado wishes her well in her next endevour

"While we will undoubtedly miss your distinctive voice on the airwaves and your remarkable talent, we also celebrate this new chapter in your life. As you venture into new endeavors, I wish you all the best. May this transition bring you joy, fulfillment, and continued success. Your influence will continue to resonate, and your legacy will endure.

Thank you, Caroline, for the memories, the mentorship, and the human touch you brought to every interaction. You have touched countless lives and made an immeasurable impact on the broadcasting industry. As you embark on this new journey, know that you carry the gratitude and admiration of all those whose lives you have touched. Warmest regards."

Caroline thanked him in her own message writing back,

"Thank you Paul Ilado you have been a very integral, wonderful part of my journey. My growth moments and my pivotal times were with you. Thank you."

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Source : Mpasho Kenya